Sea sickness can be a real pain and 

everybody knows how it can spoil your day at sea.  

Some overcome it and continue to enjoy the trip, others feel simply miserable for the whole trip. 


The consolation is that sick sickness can happen to anybody, 

some are more prone than others but even the best of the best can get motion sickness. 

So there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it happens to you, 

unless it happens to the Host !! 

ha ha ha ..., being the Host, 

we have to take every precaution to prevent this 

Embarrassment !!! 


Here's some of tips that we would like to share with you


Why do we get sea sick ? 

Sea sickness is caused by the imbalance in our inner ear. Our brains gets messages from all our senses and when one conflicts with another, it gets confused and results in you feeling sick. Some people are more prone to motion sickness than others but we believe over time and practice it can be overcome ! 


How to prevent it before you board the board  ? 

Eat light. 

Avoid oily and rich food. Food with coconut milk is not recommended. Toast, dry fruits/food is good. 

Sleep well the night before 

Clear your bowels, try try ! 

Dress appropriately for the weather condition. 

Take medication, if necessary 


How do you know when you are getting sea sick ? 

Early symptons include

       lethargy (yawing is a good sign)

       slight headache

       a little tense

       gas built up in stomach

Confirmation symptons include 


       of 'coz the 'purge'


How to prevent it while you are on board the boat ? 

if you are prone to sea sickness 

- stay low & towards stern of the boat, where it rocks least, avoid the cabin

- have plenty of fresh air

- avoid bending, look into the horizon 

- avoid too much motion or tasks requiring concentration like packing your bags or tying a hook or read a book  

- stay away from direct exhaust 

- keep yourself occupied to distract from your fear 

- RELAX and rock with the waves, fears exacerbates sea sickness 

when you get a hint of the early symptoms, try the following :

- lie down with your eyes closed 

- let your body rock with the waves & avoid fighting against it

- eat some dry biscuits 

- Juicy fruits like apples help to clear the gas in your stomach

- BIG gulp of strong fizzy drinks helps burping & thus release the gas that causes discomfort

- RELAX, relax, relax !!


When the symptoms refuse to go away :

- "Purge" it out....strong fizzy drinks helps accelerate it too ! 

- drink some fluid to prevent dehydration which will make it worse

- swim or take a kayak to shore...walk on the beach for a couple of minutes, you will be amazed how fast a relief that can be ! 


Take heart, 

sea sickness is a momentarily motion imbalance, 

it can be prevented and 

when it happens, it can also go away. 

It should not spoil your day at sea ! 

The next time you are here....try this little tip and 

have fun !! 





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