is a small, simple fishing village 

northeast of Kuala Terengganu, West Malaysia.


Not to be confused with MARANG

which is also a fishing village that's south of Kuala Terengganu. 

While MARANG is the departure point for Kapas Island,

MERANG is the departure point for Pulau Redang and Lang Tengah islands 


Merang is located at the river mouth of the Merang River,

40km from Kuala Terengganu.




Lined along the Merang River are jetties where tourists board their ferries to Pulau Redang and Lang Tengah.   





Besides the river where we too moored our boats,

there are mangroves trees and small mangroves swamps.

These trees are what they called "Bah Kow" in Indonesia or "Lumnitzera Littorea".

Pretty hard wood still being used for piling in some countries.

Singapore used to use them too in the 50s.


Cruising up river, 

we could see Nypa Palms lining the river edge.

The leaves of which are being used for roof thatching.

Its seed, when soaked in syrup is popularly known as "Attap Seed",

a favorite toppings in Ice Kacang.



Kayaking on the river is a rare sport that only we do !

'coz it's our way of having crabs for dinner !

But fishing like this is surely just their way of life !!






If you are lucky, you can spot some wild boars, iguana,

crocodile, otters, snakes and monkeys.

Plenty of birds chirping everywhere

and of course,

our favourite "lawn mowers" - the cows and goats !!







Stretching from Kota Bahru in the north to Merang

and further down south to Kuantan

is a stretch of pristine and absolutely natural beach !




Bring your own deck chair &

you'll be granted your privacy and serenity of

watching waves rolling onto the shores and

boats flying in and out of the ever busy Merang River !!!






Merang is "backed" by a mountain,  what better FengShui can one get !!


This affectionate sentinel of ours never fails to guide us back to Merang after a day out at sea !



How not to fall in love with this simple ulu kampong ?






have boat will travel......deutzia nautical