for the last 3 years, we have monitored the arrival of the NE monsoon..

In 2004, it came in Mid October, 

In 2005, it came in late November, 

In 2006, it came around end December !

What about this year ? 


Monsoon Watch 2004 

Monsoon Watch 2005 

Monsoon Watch 2006 


This year, the weather has been quite erratic and pretty unlike the past years, 

it rained when it's supposed to be sunny and vice versa.

So since late august, we started monitoring the weather ...

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Weather Watch 2007 





it's a general misconception that monsoon means continuous rain 

for the monsoon period (approximately 4 months)


The word "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim" which means season. 

Ancient traders sailing in the Indian Ocean and adjoining Arabian Sea 

used it to describe a system of alternating winds 

which blow persistently from the northeast during the northern winter 


from the opposite direction, the southwest, during the northern summer. 

Thus, the term monsoon actually refers solely to a seasonal wind shift, 

and not to precipitation.


(source :,55a304092d09/191.html)




In September this year, we have one of the best weather and sea condition ever this year. 

The sky was clear and the sea was calm with slight breeze... 

From Oct 19, we started to see some signs of swells....

is this the start of the monsoon or just a false alarm ?? 


river mouth on summer days 


1 December     Sunny and Strong Wind. Rough Sea with lots of white caps. 

30 November    Cloudy and Strong Wind. Rough Sea with lots of white caps. Windy the whole day and night. 

29 November    Light Rain, Cloudy and Windy. Sure looks like the monsoon is already here....

21 - 22 November   hearsay - Sunny with no wind. Rain at night 

17 - 19 November   hearsay - Strong wind and waves. Rain at night 

16 November Fri  Light Rain  

15 November Thu  Bright and Sunny. Night - Thunderstorm for a while followed by light rain. 

14 November Wed  Bright and Sunny. Some breeze in the afternoon... . Thunderstorm at night for a short while ...doesn't look like the monsoon is here, isn't it ! 

before noon       late afternoon

13 November Tue  Bright and Sunny during the day. Sea is mirror calm. Light Rain at night. 

12 November Mon  Cloudy in the morning. Sea is calmer. Thunderstorm at night  


11 November Sun  Dull and cool in the morning. Sunny and bright during the day. No rain at night Long rollers in the distance. 

10 November Sat  Dull and cool day. Long rollers in the distance. Thunderstorm at 4pm that last till night. Rain at night. Well, according to the locals, the monsoon IS here...but some hard core fisherman in small boats are still out there ! 

9 November Fri  Drizzle and dull in the morning. Chilly winds built up in late morning. Strong wind and waves in the afternoon.  Rain at night

8 November Thu  Dull during the day. Sea generally calm with long rollers in the distance. Rain the whole night. 

7 November Wed  Dull in the morning. Drizzle in the afternoon. Sea generally calm with long rollers in the distance. Rain in the night

6 November Tue  Dull in the morning. Sea generally calm with long rollers in the distance.    

5 November Mon - Hot and Sunny during the day in the morning. Strong Wind and rain at night. 

26 October Fri- Bright and Sunny in the morning. Sea is very calm. Strong NW wind builds up from late morning. Rain in afternoon.  (we were out fishing but unfortunately, forgot our cameras) 

25 October Thu- Bright and Sunny over at mainland, though some dark sky over the islands - sea generally calm with some long swells. Windy at night, but no rain. 


24 October Wed- Light rain  in the morning - sea condition generally calm with some long swells. Dull weather in the afternoon. No rain.  


23 October Tue- Sunny and cool in the morning - Hot in afternoon. Light Wind from all directions. Sea condition appears better this morning. Light rain from midnight to next morning. According to the locals..."No, the monsoon is not here yet !"


22 October Mon - Sunny and cool in the morning - Strong NW wind day and night, strongest during the afternoon. 



21 October Sun - Sunny but cool in the morning - Strong NW wind in the afternoon - rain at night. 



20 October Sat - Rain the whole day...the sea begins to work up 



18 and 19th October - Dark Clouds starts to appear during the day and the wind builds up. Rain in the night. 


13 October Hari Raya Puasa Sat - Bright and Sunny, sea's very calm. 





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