the monsoon's here....

and we were not about to bash the waves...

so we decided to try lake fishing instead ! 

it has to be lake kenyir, just an hour drive from merang ! 


fishing in the lake is quite a different experience altogether huh..

the water is forever so still whenever and wherever you go...


chatted up this boat man at the coffee shop & 

he quoted us RM180 for 2 hrs..

we threw a challenge ....RM180 if we catch at least 1 fish, else RM150..

he smiled and shook his head ... ! 

ha ha  



this place is totally still and quiet..!



our chartered boat 


first ...to the fish farm to buy baits ..


nice baits...

then we overheard him asking the fish farm owner - "where are the fishes"....ha ha 

..this is going to be fun..



.... beautiful sceneries ...

with occasional light drizzle adds to the melancholic scene !




but one thing's missing....the fishes ?  

we, 3 old folks cast till our back ache but not even a single bite the whole trip ! 

boat-man son got some small ones for dinner from his net ! 



hmm.....somehow, something is just not right.... 

the water is just too quiet...seems the only life here is the wake of the boat ! ? 


after 2 hrs, we headed back.....

paid him and let him have all the baits - intact ! 


back at the car-park...we overheard a man telling another....

the rate here is RM150 for half a day ! 

shoot....ha ha ..





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical