for the last 2 years, we have monitored the arrival of the NE monsoon..

In 2004, it came in Mid October, 

In 2005, it came in late November !

Monsoon Watch 2004 

Monsoon Watch 2005 


this year we will attempt to do the same.....




it's a general misconception that monsoon means continuous rain 

for the monsoon period (approximately 4 months)


The word "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim" which means season. 

Ancient traders sailing in the Indian Ocean and adjoining Arabian Sea 

used it to describe a system of alternating winds 

which blow persistently from the northeast during the northern winter 


from the opposite direction, the southwest, during the northern summer. 

Thus, the term monsoon actually refers solely to a seasonal wind shift, 

and not to precipitation.


(source :,55a304092d09/191.html)




it has been hot and sunny until 2nd November night ....

thunderstorm in the nights 

followed a few days of strong wind and big swells during by the day

but surprising by 7th November (Tue), the sun's up and the sea's calm once again...

so.. it's false alarm ? let's watch...


river mouth on summer days 


Jan 7th Sun  Very strong howling wind throughout last night. Continuous rain over the whole day Papers warned of cyclones and a super monsoon from Sat to Mon.

sorry for the silence...we were out of town...

hearsay...rain and strong wind only started coming towards the end of December 2006

Nov 25th Sat  Rain last night. Bright and Sunny this morning. Sea is quite calm !  

River mouth at 9.30am                                      Trolling round Batu Barat 


back from fishing with crew at 4pm


Nov 25th Sat  Rain last night. Sunny this morning. Sea is quite calm with some small rollers. Sure looks like the monsoon has not arrived !  

River Mouth at 9am 


Back from Fishing at 3pm 



Nov 24th Fri  Rain last night. Sunny this morning, heavy rain in the afternoon. Sea very calm. 

Taken at 11am 

Nov 13-23  we were out of town. Hearsay.. there were rains in the morning but usually sunny in the afternoon. The sea has been quite calm. 

Nov 12th Sun  Heavy thunderstorm last night.  Dull and raining. Swells building up..


Nov 11th Sat  Rain stopped at around 7am then followed by a surprisingly bright and beautiful day with very calm sea, despite the weather forecast of a thunderstorm. 

river mouth on the way back at 4pm



Nov 10th Fri  1pm - Drizzling on and off the whole day and night.  Sea is generally still quite calm ;

river mouth conditions ..on way back from fishing at 1pm

Nov 9th Thu  9am - Hot and Sunny, Sea is very calm ;  

Nov 7th Tue  6pm - Hot and Sunny, Sea is very calm ; dark clouds in the evening...but the no strong wind.. 


Nov 6th Sat  ...Sun is partially out, sea is calmer ...

Nov 4th Sat  Pretty strong wind blowing throughout the day !! The sea swells up with rollers of at least 2m high. Hmm...waves slamming the shore....Monsoon is here ? 

Nov 3rd Fri  Dull, cloudy,  drizzling the whole day 

Nov 2nd Thu  11pm - Thunderstorm  

Before Nov 1st Wed  Sunny and Sea is calm





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