M A R L I N ..... WhoA !! 


Mr Wong & Mr Ban, our good old friends of Terengganu, 

came fishing with us today after  years of invitation !!...

Mr Wong, the superduper mechanic behind our new self design-cum-build fighting chair,

finally got to sit on his chair & fight his MARLIN !! 



OUR FIRST MARLIN since March 2004 ! 


now.. he's into our billfish roll of honour

...though it was a short fight before the fish snapped the line..

but it sure was a fight of his life.... stunned by piercing bill & the marlin's jump ! 

then it's Ban and Niaw's turn to have the fight of their life (well...so far...) too....

with the aerobatic Mahi Mahi ! 


Mr Wong, Ban and Niaw...thank you for being with us.....

Mr Wong, we really appreciate the extraordinary services that you have always rendered to us 

especially during our times of need !! 

Thanks....we are so happy that you had your Fight to Remember !! 





Mr Wong and his fight with the MARLIN !!




now...it's Ban in action ....whoa !! .







the gleaming Ban with his first BIG fish...heh heh !! 



Niaw ....wow..it's even bigger than Ban's ..



...flip flop ...flip flop....wooo.......

never mind the line snapped....it was still a fight of his life.....the fish deserved to win ! 



Having fought on the chair...the unassuming mechanic has now 

more great ideas on how to improve it further...ha ha 





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical