last year, we monitored the arrival of the NE monsoon..

that came early in mid October 2004

October feature 2004 - arrival of the monsoon 2004 


this year we will attempt to do the same.....




it's a general misconception that monsoon means continuous rain 

for the monsoon period (approximately 4 months)


The word "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim" which means season. 

Ancient traders sailing in the Indian Ocean and adjoining Arabian Sea 

used it to describe a system of alternating winds 

which blow persistently from the northeast during the northern winter 


from the opposite direction, the southwest, during the northern summer. 

Thus, the term monsoon actually refers solely to a seasonal wind shift, 

and not to precipitation.


(source :,55a304092d09/191.html)






when we return on October 19, the sky was cloudy, slight swell in the sea...

Lake Kenyir has already began to discharge huge amount of fresh water.....

making the river even at high tide brown & bland...

but it seems to get better and better and for most part of Oct and early Nov....

the weather remains very hot and the sea very calm ! 


river mouth on summer days 



Oct 19th Wed      cloudy sky, small roller out at sea
Oct 20th Thu      some waves at river mouth ; rain and dark threatening clouds ; windy

Oct  21st Fri      sunshine, sea very calm in the late morning & afternoon with small rollers 


                                   shots taken around morning & afternoon 



Oct 22nd Sat     dull with rain in the afternoon 


                                                 shots taken in morning



Oct 23rd Sun      strong winds & gloomy weather throughout the day ; heavy rain at night
Oct 24th Mon    windy; sunshine in late afternoon ; 
Oct 25th Tue      dull but clear sky ; strong wind

                                                 shots taken around 9am

compared to 25th Oct last year 

Oct 26th Wed      clear sky in the morning ; rained the whole day ; sea is still quite calm 

                                                    shots taken around 9am

Last year - Oct 26 2004


Oct 27th Thu      overcast sky ; rained the whole day ; windy

                                                    shots taken around 9am


                                                    shots taken around 4pm


Oct 28th Fri      sunny ; windy ; small rollers out there ; 

                                                    shots taken around 9am




Oct 29th Sat     clear with slight overcast, small rollers, no wind, river mouth's calmer than yesterday. 

                                   shots taken at 8.30am


Oct 30th Sun     Hot and Sunny with slight wind. 

Oct 31st Mon     Hot and Sunny, calm sea  with slight breeze. Overcast in the late afternoon. 


                                   Morning 8am leaving the river mouth for fishing 


                         back from day's fishing...entering the brownish river at 5.30pm 

                                                       no rain eventually 



Nov 1st Tue       Hot and Sunny, calm sea  with slight breeze. Rain at night. 


                                   Morning 8am leaving the river mouth for fishing 


Wind blowing from the North West ! so looks like the monsoon has not arrived !! 


Nov 2nd Wed      Bright and Sunny. We are heading back home for a week or so... so till then....have a nice day ! 
Nov 16th Wed     Bright and Sunny. 

                                            taken 6pm on way back from fishing...


Nov 17th Thu      Bright and Sunny. 

Nov 18th Fri        Dull and Drizzling. Some sunlight in the afternoon. Thunder and rain again at night.   
Nov 19th Sat       It rained the whole of last night. Rain non-stop the whole day. Occasional heavy downpour with strong gusts of wind.

                                      taken 9am



Nov 20th Sun       It rained the whole of last night. We have occasional spurs of strong wind and downpour, followed by dull drizzle. The day went on like that.....sleepily....if it continues like's sure signs of arrival of monsoon ! 

                                                                 taken 11am 


Nov 21th Mon        Strong wind the whole of last night. A little sunshine this morning but still very windy !

taken at 10am

Last year - Nov 26th 2004 

Dec 7th Wed        Windy with slight drizzle !


Dec 8-10 Thu - Sat      Slight windy, cloudy and gloomy but surprising, the waves are not as high as last year ! This is good news for the fishermen ! 

Dec 11 Sun      Yes. Yes. Yes  !!! ......Sunny day !!! burning hot sun day ! oh boy !.....
Dec 12 Mon      Well...good thing never's raining yet again .....

Dec 13 Tue      Heavy rain last night......dull and overcast this morning....but no waves........

                                                                            taken at 9am

Dec 14 Wed      Heavy rain last night...... drizzling this morning....but no big waves........small time fisherman are still going out !! just look at them !

                                                                            taken at 9am


Dec 15 Thu      Heavy rain last night...... dull with intermittent drizzle... but sky turn clear and sunny in the afternoon ! 
Dec 16 Fri      Heavy rain last night...... dull with intermittent drizzle the whole day ! 
Jan 7 Sat       Strong Wind with intermittent downpour the whole day ! 
Feb 3 Fri       Hot and Sunny big waves....slight swell ! 





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