Fishes are Back....!!

Hurray !! 


...after 2 months of lukewarm fishing conditions ...

Fishing is finally exciting again ! 

and trolling, full of anticipation and hope !


Many thanks to Steven and his family .....

for bringing back the fishes !!

Happily, they reward themselves with 

buckets of breams, snappers and groupers, 

2 Trevally, 

1 leather jacket,

1 big Diamond Trevally 

and 2 doradoes !!

It's   A L I V E   once again !

Folks, thanks for being with us....

have a safe drive home and 


Ah Pek, we wish you good health and happiness, 

take care and hope to see you again !!




the lucky family 



Steven and his first strike within 15 minutes from his first troll ! 



2nd strike to LC -  a family affair ! 







Ah Pek wants a go too !! 





Eng Seng fulfilling LC's wish for a "Yu Sheng" !


beautiful leatherjacket 


After the BIG strikes... Ah Pek settles with "so small" ones 





the adorable Ah Pek, at 74, is stronger and more 'game' than most of us .. 



diamond Trevally sashimi and "Yu Sheng", anybody ?? !!





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical