Our First Family Charter


Our first family charter for the season ...

we have strong and sturdy grandma at 77  to a budding angler grandson at 10 ! 

The weather wasn't so kind on day 1, so we felt ....

but surprisingly, they enjoyed the dull raining weather...

Weather on Day 2 was " what it was supposed to be " - bright and sunny !! ..

but no...."it's just too hot !! " ....

ha ha ha .... 

well, you have a taste of both here...

we sure hope you had a good time snorkeling, kayak fighting &

not forgetting the fishing too !!! 


Ni Yoke, Grace, Swee Foon, Grandma, Nicolette, Douglas, MouEn and Hilda

Thanks for being with us....

Take  Care.. 





the sporting mum & daughter






exploring the rock





 kayak fight ??








fishing time !






our budding angler  !



second in the running 

that's just the start !



sturdy grandma - the 2 days of rock and roll - no sweat !!









have boat will travel......deutzia nautical