"I shall be back with a vengeance....."!!


Sure she did !! 

A huge strike that got away after she fought for more than 20 minutes in October last year


Now, Poh's back with a vengeance....

despite the lukewarm fishing conditions around here,

she landed a huge Dorado !!

and before she left, yet another monster fish tease her and left 

her arms numb to come yet once more ! 


Poh and friends...thanks for being here 

and as you said " One Down, Two to go ! Marlin and Sailfish, your days are numbered"

we wish you LUCK the next time around !



Poh and her proud dorado !



the fight to remember











megan - the star angler of this trip !!








the fight to make her return yet again !!



the sea condition is perfect for snorkeling than fishing ! 

who can resist this water of visibility of about 50 Feet!!



even megan, who cannot swim, was so mesmerized that she pop right in even without a guide !

the minute she reluctantly climbed back on the boat, sigh " I miss snorkeling already !"




have boat will travel......deutzia nautical