this year, we make an attempt to monitor the arrival of the NE monsoon..

come Feb/Mar '05, we will try to do the same for its departure 

hopefully we can better understand the behaviors of the monsoon !





it's a general misconception that monsoon means continuous rain 

for the monsoon period (approximately 4 months)


The word "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim" which means season. 

Ancient traders sailing in the Indian Ocean and adjoining Arabian Sea 

used it to describe a system of alternating winds 

which blow persistently from the northeast during the northern winter 


from the opposite direction, the southwest, during the northern summer. 

Thus, the term monsoon actually refers solely to a seasonal wind shift, 

and not to precipitation.


(source :,55a304092d09/191.html)





on October 1, the sea began to rock and roll ...

Lake Kenyir began to discharge huge amount of fresh water.....

making the river even at high tide brown & bland...

occasional rains & choppy sea but no strong winds..



11 - 22th     one day's burning hot, the next day's dull and wet 

Fri 22th,     the rollers were 2-3m high ; big waves at the river mouth

        besides thunderstorm, for once - howling winds sang throughout the night 

Sat 23th,    the weather was gloomy & the sea continued to roar....

Sun 24th,   sky was sunny & the sea amazingly calm ... 

                    our lucky guests made a bash for P.Bidong....

                    the storm & wind returned at night..

Mon 25th,  strong winds & rain throughout the day 

Tue 26th,   intermittent heavy rain &  strong wind ...

Wed 27th,  heavy downpour & strong wind every half hour ...

Thu 28th,   a little sunshine. Windy with "white cap" in the sea ; Waves and swells continue

Fri 29th,    morning rain and drizzle. Sea condition just as rough. 

                  We can hear it from our home that is 1 km away.


we were back in Singapore...thus could only hearsay from the local people...

1-11th      occasional rain and sunshine. Sea conditions remain as rough

9-11th     sea beginning to calm down a little. More sunshine and less wind 

Fri 12th   gloomy weather and light rain 

13-26       Hearsay from the locals - rain for a few days, sunshine for a few days. 

27th        Dull and gloomy. Strong wind and overcast sky. Intermittent downpour. 

              The sea is calmer today. It seems that this is the usual breather during the monsoon...

              even the waves need to take a short break once in a while... 

              and a time for the fishermen to have some catch for his family ! 


1-23th    Hearsay from the locals - occasional heavy rain and sunshine. 

24th       Sunshine and sea relatively calm. 

25th       Drizzle !


6th - 7th  Rain and windy

8th - 9th  Cloudy and windy

25th       Sunny and windy



accordingly to the local fishermen : 


is this a sign of monsoon or tailing effect of typhoon elsewhere ? 

"this type of raining pattern and sea conditions, what else - the monsoon lah...sigh..."


but since the monsoon comes early...will it end early too ?? 

"fat chance !! "  


.... ha ha ha.....we shall see...







river mouth on summer days 




looks like the waves has calmed down


        deserted jetty


the river water looked clearer now too 



24 December 2004 9.00am



27 November 2004 9.00am

....a breather ...



River mouth


serenity at the old jetty....



26 October 2004 8.00am

....the sea works harder today than yesterday...

can you imagine the swell out there ? 



ghost town at merang

...but this morning we saw some guests being ferried into the island....

maybe they are planning to stay thru the monsoon...ha ha ....



Floods and "ponding" in homes... 10 km away from Merang ..

where a python was found, caged & escaped ! 

with another 4 months of rains coming up ? 







25 October 2004 8.00am











merang river 



Brown fresh water from Lake Kenyir



23 October 2004, 8.00am


 ...... merang river mouth.....




 ..... merang beach.....






have boat will travel......deutzia nautical