We just want you to have a GREAT time. 

That's what a vacation is all about. 

And because we're ordinary folks like you, we know holidays don't come easy. 

So naturally,  we don't want you to go  away feeling short-changed.


So waste no precious time loitering and waiting,


With your personal boat , you can practically go anywhere & 

do anything you fancy.


so how about 


" U decide" kinda of Redang / Fishing experience...! 


where you can do 


a bit of kayaking....





a bit of snorkeling.....




or just plain suntanning !! 





never keen on fishing? 

fishing is smelly & messy ?? 

this trip will change your mind !! 





believe it or not...kayak fishing is IN !



well....scoop fishing....errr......



enjoy some fresher than fresh fishes....



Where else can you experience

 thrill of SPORTS FISHING 

at no extra charge !! 






and get to practice the sportman's noble "Catch & Release "




non-stop feasting on us....





sashimi fresh from sea .....?? 





make it a family affair ....





or just outing with buddies...!




doesn't matter 

if you are 80 years old...






or just 2 years old !!




we welcome you all the same !!




We are boat operators, not tour agents


guess we know you like the convenience of a tour package


the flexibility of a "Free and Easy "....


you have the best of both worlds....

Just make your way here & leave all messy stuff to us  !


Here's what we propose ....


it's your vacation...you decide, alright  ! 












deutzia@deutzianautical.com for queries, reservations and special arrangements





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical