In November last year, 

when we came back from last charter of the season with 

Paul (the guy with 4 Marlin strikes ) and his family 

we couldn't find our jetty to berth !! 

someone has apparently ramped it and it was totally gone !! oh boy ! 

well....that sure marked the last charter for the season !

So this year, we have to rebuild a new one !! 


Our old jetty built in May 2003 by a local contractor & local boys who happily go round "christening" every new jetty ! 



in November after it was knocked down...


now ........the Jetty 2008....


this time, skipper decided to do it ourselves...

the clearing of the nibong, planks and debris in the water 

and manual piling of the nibong into the sea bed 

took us more than a week...

trust me...it's not an enviable task...


then things began to take shape .....

2nd March 2008


4th March 2008

the beams and planks came..


5th March 2008

The planks are in !

our first visitors - Mr Ban and Mr Lim

final touches to the jetty is still needed but there it's !! 

thanks to the skipper and our 2 crews....Adnan and Roslan for all the really hard work !





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical